“Increasing the Adaptability of Employers and Employees to the Changes in Global Economy” (in Turkish “Çalışanların ve İşverenlerin Küresel Ekonomideki Değişikliklere Uyum Yeteneğinin Artırılması Projesi” –KUYAP) is aimed to increase adaptability of employers and employees of SMEs by lifelong learning, in 15 growth centres of East of Turkey (Elazığ, Malatya, Diyarbakır, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon, Kayseri, Van, Kastamonu, Sivas, Samsun, Gaziantep, Kars, Erzurum, Kahramanmaraş, and Batman).

So with the intent of reaching this aim KUYAP is planning a set of activities targeting SMEs’ employers and employees’ adaptability development.

The activities that will produce more added value for SMEs employers and employees are:

a. Training

1. Establishment and support of six Training Support and Co-ordination Centres (TSCCs) in Elaziğ, Erzurum, Gaziantep, Samsun, Sivas and Ankara.

2. Delivering training for employers in 15 growth centres with an innovative content that will foster adaptability in SMEs organizational and business models.

3. Delivering training for employees in 15 growth centres that will enhance the adaptability and the commitment of human resources.

b. Study Visits

1. Organizing study visit for employers in order to provide familiarization with EU experiences and practices.

2. Organizing study visits for employees with the intent of to provide knowledge about EU practices in human capacity building.

c. Exchange Experiences and Best Practices Programmes

1. Organizing site visits (for employers) to SMEs in developed regions which put into practice successful adaptability measures that can be adopted by SMEs in the 15 growth centres.

2. Organizing site visits (for employees) to SMEs in developed regions which applied innovative organizational and business models.

3. Organizing workshops at the sectorial level with the participation of employers from the developed regions and SMEs from 15 growth centres for sharing best practices and establishing networks with potential new business partners.

4. Developing and sharing innovative organizational and business models for SMEs in different sectors and activity areas that could serve as adaptability examples for SMEs based in 15 growth centres.

d. Online training and innovative contents

Part of training topics, the best practices, and the innovative organizational and business models will be further available as online training and contents easily utilizable for SMEs employers and employees.

All those activities targeted employers and employees development in regard of adaptability are completely free of charge, and will be implemented in cooperation with the local Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry in the 15 growth centres, with the practical involvement of the Training Support and Coordination Centres.

Timely information and update about the schedules of those activities will be deliver through this website and the other partners’ websites including TOBB and local Chambers of Commerce and/or Industry.

e. Additional Activities

KUYAP will also carry on complementary activities aimed at:

  • Increasing the capacity of Chamber staff and TSCC coordinators through training and study visits
  • Promoting University – Industry co-operation by means of a special conference
  • Providing the opportunity to teachers of vocational high schools and vocational higher education institutions to become more familiars with the everyday business issues and practical problems faced by SMEs, to enhance their knowledge and skills for the provision of vocational training in the frame of adaptability development.

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